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Gainesville has always had a rich restaurant and bar scene. Everyone in this town has that one favorite server or bartender at “their spot” that they look forward to seeing. Having been in the service industry for over 20 years, this past week has seen something we all never thought would happen; a complete closure of the bars, and the restaurants only doing take out or deliveries. This left a large portion of the town’s workforce wondering where our next paycheck was coming from.

That’s why we came up with GainesvilleTips. A service where the public can help out a server or bartender through virtually tipping them. We’re trying to make it easy to find your favorites, by name, establishment, some even with pictures.

So now, in this crazy time, you can send a virtual tip to them to help them through this time. I know we’re all struggling. Businesses are slowing. But any little bit helps.